Tyco HO slotcars for sale inluding the rough rider Pinto, Petty Stocker, Petty Oldsmobile, Petty Olds, Monroe Olds, stocker, Dodge Charger, track official car, '57 Chevy tilt hood, 55 Chevy Nomad tilt hood, and Super Gremlin.
Tyco Roughrider Pinto, orange/white #5.  Fairly good condition overall, missing the bumpers and windshield.  Curvehugger chassis runs.  Pickup shoes are grooved.  Price $85.00
Tyco rough rider Pinto
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Dodge Charger, red/yellow #7.   Fairly good condition overall.  Nice bumpers and wheel wells.  Top red paint shows some glue residue where the two silver reflective tape stripes once were, as this is a Command Control body on a running 440x2 chassis.  Price $35.00
Tyco Dodge Charger, command control body
Tyco Dodge Charger top view
Tycopro '55 Chevy Nomad, candy red tilt-hood.   Very good condition overall.  Hood flips forward revealing the chrome plated engine compartment, making a very attractive display piece.  Paint is exceptionally good as shown.  Rear bumper has medium-heavy wear as is commonly seen.  Running curvehugger chassis.
Price $175.00
PIC#3     PIC#4
Tycopro flip-hood '55 Nomad
GM Petty Stocker 'Esmark', blue/red #43.  Excellent condition overall.  Just some faint blemishes (not scratches or chips)  in the red paint finish on the hood on the left of the STP area which may be factory defects.  This stock car is from 1982.  Running used Tyco 440x2 chassis.  Price $60.00
Tyco GM Buick Petty Esmark stocker
Tycopro Super Gremlin, white with green shamrock
Super Gremlin, white/green #1.   Good condition overall.  Good window posts and wheel wells.  Missing the #1 on roof and doors.  Running Tycopro 2 chassis.  Price $65.00
Tyco '57 Chevy tilt hood, blue/silver.   Fairly good condition overall.  Good window posts and wheel wells.  Engine chrome and left exhaust pipe are nice.  Right exhaust pipe is missing.  Blue paint around hood scoop has some faint discoloration.  Front window has some fogging from where someone glued in the windshield.  Price $135.00
Tyco '57 Chevy flip hood in blue
Tyco '57 Chevy flipped hood view
'57 Nomad, red with custom surfboards.  Here was a clever idea someone had to make this beach-ready Chevy Nomad.  It's a 90's release red/white Nomad with plastic surfboards glued to the roof, probably from a hotwheels type car.  There are some scratches on the top of the boards near the center of the roof area, and there are some clear glue marks showing.  Missing the side header pipes, but you can get these from another Nomad or 40 Ford.  On a running curvehugger wide-type chassis.
Price $30.00
Tyco red '55 Chevy Nomad, red and white with custom surf boards.
'57 Chevy, chrome/dayglow orange/blue.   Excellent condition, with only very light chrome wear.  Tyco running HP2 chassis has dry rear tires in need of replacement.  Price $80.00
Tyco '57 Chevy in chrome with dayglo orange and blue flames
Tyco '55 Chevy Nomad, white with lime green and black, #28.   Very good condition overall.  Chrome has average wear as shown.  Factory paint has very few flaws, and decal number is nice.  Roof has some light signs of wear, without major flaws.  Curvehugger chassis runs.  Price $160.00
Tyco white with lime green '55 Nomad
GM Petty Stocker, blue/red #43.  Very good condition overall.  Just some faint scratches on the back trunk area and left rear side of body.  Running used Tyco 440 chassis.  Price $60.00
Tyco GM Buick Petty stocker, no 'Esmark'
Tyco Petty Olds Stocker, blue/red #43 'burned out' runner.  Fairly poor condition overall, due to this cars motor having caught fire once.  There are melted areas on both door areas, and burnt areas show on the inside of the body as well as the top of the right door area.  Body mounts are somewhat damaged, but the body still fits fairly well on the chassis.  Great for a raceway to use as a scenic 'battle-scarred' car for the sidelines. Running used Tyco 440 chassis. Price $35.00         PIC#3
Tyco Petty Olds melted stocker
Tyco 'Car n Crew' Petty Grand Prix stock car, blue/red #43.  Mint on card from 1998.  Contains car and 4 crew figures.  Price $25.00
Tyco Car n Crew Petty Grand Prix stocker
Track Official Dodge car, black/white, with roof lights.   Excellent condition overall, just missing the side chrome pipes.  Running command control slotless obstacle chassis with working roof lights.  Price $25.00
command control chassis bottom view
Tyco track official car, black with white
Oldsmobile Monroe Stocker, yellow/navy blue, fair condition.  Number tampos are worn off sides.  There is paint chipping on left window post that has been retouched with yellow magic marker.  Also paint chips around wheel wells as shown.  Running 440X2 chassis.  Price $20.00
Monroe stocker
Tyco '57 Chevy factory unfinished body, nite-glow off white.  Mint unused condition.  Does not  include front or rear bumpers, windshield, or side pipes.  Designed to fit the HP7 chassis.  Price $25.00
Tyco '57 Chevy nite-glow factory unfinised slot car body
'57 Chevy, sparkin hot rod, niteglow/red.   Very good condition, with light play wear on right side.  Glows in the dark after being exposed to a bright light.  Tyco running 440x2 chassis.  Right rear wheel has rubber on the outer edge with a hole to accept the sparking rod, which rubbed along a special guard rail with a rough sandpaper type surface to emit sparks.  Spark rods not included.  Price $28.00
Tyco '57 Chevy in nite glow with red, sparkin hot rod series
'57 Chevy, dayglow orange/black/yellow 'venom'.   Excellent condition body, missing the rear bumper and side header pipes.  Tyco running HP7 chassis has grooved pickup shoes.  Price $20.00
Tyco '57 Chevy in dayglow orange with black and yellow stripes, venom
Oldsmobile 'Team Stocker', light blue #4, excellent condition.  Bumper corners show light wear, especially the left rear bumper corner.  Rest of car is very nice.  Hard to find early Olds stocker.  Price $250.00
Tyco Team Stocker Oldsmobile