Tyco HO slotcars for sale including slotless vehicles.
Tyco '79 Firebird, black/gold, slotless.  Excellent condition overall.  Body has nice gold tampo paint.  Slotless command control chassis runs.  Front o-ring tires are dried out and cracked, but we are providing a replacement set of o-rings for this car.  Price $15.00
bottom chassis view
Tyco HO slot car '79 Firebird trans-am, black/gold bird, slotless command control type
Tyco '79 Firebird, red/black, slotless command control
'79 Firebird, red/black, slotless.  Good condition overall.  Right window post has a very slight inward bend.  Has some front bumper corner and rear spoiler corner wear.  Slotless running command control chassis with fresh tires.
Price $20.00    chassis bottom view
Mustang funny car, slotless
Mustang funny car, lemon/black with reflective chrome, slotless.  Fairly good condition overall.  Has some spots on hood towards front, and is missing the chrome blower in front windshield area.  Reflective tape lifting slightly on roof at edges.  Has the command control 2 slotless chassis missing pickup shoes. Silicone rear tires.  Price $20.00
Blazer, brown/black/white.  Fairly good condition overall.  Fenders have paint wear as shown.  Roof rack has considerable chrome wear.  Supplied with an HP7 chassis.
Price $30.00
Tyco Blazer, brown/black/white
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Mustang funny car, chrome silver/black #28.  Good condition overall.  Some wear to front number tampo, some general roof wear, and a paint nick on left side in front of rear wheel well as shown.  HP2 chassis has grooved pickup shoes.  Price $40.00
Tyco chrome Mustang funny car silver streak.
Mustang turbo, blue/white
Mustang Turbo, blue/white. Very good condition overall.  Trace paint nicks on the rear bumper corners and left window post.  HP7 chassis.  Price $27.00
Funny Mustang, blue+reflective silver #8.  Fairly good condition overall.  Reflective silver roof tape shows some wear, plus paint chips in the #8 tampo.  Lighted slotless chassis runs and has silicone rear tires.  Body will snap onto a Tyco slotcar chassis if desired.  Price $20.00
Tyco slotless Funny Mustang, blue with silver #8.
'79 Mustang, yellow/orange SVO. Excellent condition overall.  Running HP7 chassis has worn pickup shoes.  Price $40.00
Mustang turbo, yellow/orange SVO
'82 Firebird Trans-am, black/gold #12.  Fair condition overall, roof has scratches in the gold paint as shown, sides are fine.  This body is on the non-motorized 'dummy' chassis.
Price $20.00       Top View        Bottom View
Tyco '82 Firebird, black with gold #12, dummy chassis
'82 Firebird Trans-am, black/gold 'turbo'.  Very good condition overall.  Body is molded in white and factory painted black.  Nice tampos, and body corners show a bit of white but looks quite good overall.  Running HP7 chassis has grooved pickups.  Price $24.00
Tyco '82 Firebird, black with gold 'turbo'
'82 Firebird Trans-am, white/yellow/orange #54.  Good condition overall, has a chip in the white paint over the right front wheel well, but body is molded in white so it doesn't stand out too much.  Running Tyco HP7 chassis.
Price $32.00
Tyco '82 Firebird, white with yellow and orange #54, HP7.
Chevy pickup, chrome/orange/pink.  Excellent condition overall.  Chrome shows no wear.  Stripe paint has a bit of discoloration in spots of the rear half of body.  Running HP2 chassis has dry rear tires in need of replacement.
Price $60.00
Tyco Chevy pickup truck in chrome with pink and orange stripes.
Tyco '79 Firebird, white/red bird
'79 Firebird trans-am, white/red bird.  Fairly good condition overall.  Red bird tampo is fine.  Right window post has an outward bend, left window post is fine.  Curvehugger HP2 chassis has running motor but needs new pickup shoes and rear tires.  Price $35.00
Chevy pickup, chrome/orange/light blue/reflective silver.  Very good condition overall.  Very little body wear.  Missing roll bar.  Slotless command control chassis has running motor and missing pickup shoes.  Silicone rear tires have been added.  Price $35.00
Tyco Command Control slotless Chevy pickup truck in chrome with orange and light blue stripes
'Tyco TRX '82Firebird Trans-am twinpack, red/black/white #14 and #15.  Mint unused on the card from 1985.  Minor card wrinkling in lower right corner area.  HP7 chassis on the #14 car, with the #15 car having a dummy non-motorized chassis with a rubber tether, to use as a 'blocking' car.  Price $95.00
Tyco '82 Firebird, TRX red with black and white, carded twinpack
'79 Firebird Trans-Am, white, factory unfinished body only.   Mint condition, unused. Collect as it is, or customize and finish yourself.  Does not include windshield glass or headlight plastic pieces.  Snaps onto any regular Tyco HP2, HP7, or 440x2 chassis.  Price $12.00
Tyco '79 Firebird Trans Am, white, factory unfinished body