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Eldon HO slot car road race sets for sale.
Eldon HO Grand Prix road race set.
Eldon HO slot car set contents.
Eldon HO Ferrari GT
Eldon HO Ferrari GT, no rear bumper
Eldon HO '64 Corvette, broken post
Eldon HO slot car '64 Corvette
Eldon HO scale Grand Prix banked road race set #5505.   This set is probably from around 1970.  It is a nearly complete, working Eldon set in fair condition.  Box has some clear tape on sides and corners.  Cover features Corvette and Charger illustrations, but the cars included are a '64 Corvette and a Ferrari GT.  Both cars run and have been fitted with silicone rear tires for good grip.  They both have the correct Eldon chassis with the 3 gear drive train similar to the Atlas cars.  The Corvette is turquoise and is missing the lower part of the left window post as shown.  There is also a crack in the forward center portion of the hood.  Front bumper is good, rear bumper is missing the right tip and is from a TJet bumper.  The dark spot on the hood was just dirt and I cleaned it off after taking the photo.  The Ferrari GT red with white stripes with good window posts and wheel wells, but missing the back end plastic chrome piece.  The lower rear portion of the left window glass is broken away as shown.

The set includes:

1- terminal 9" straight
8- 9" straights
1- chicane 9" straight
1- 6" straight
8- 9" radius 1/4 curves
4- 12" radius 1/8 banked sections with wide outside lane aprons
2- 9" radius 1/8 curves
9- assorted size orange elevation piers
8- pieces guard rail
1- powerpack 14V, 0.5 Amp, 20V max
2-black thumb controllers
1 piece black sandpaper
1- assembly instruction sheet, opens to 5 printed pages.

Missing the 9" lap counter track, extra guide pins, and decal.

Eldon track was snap together type with tabs that broke even easier than AFX 70's style snap track.  Seven of the track sections have broken tabs, so I've enclosed 14 Aurora metal track lock clips which snap to the underside of the joints, 2 per joint, to give a decent connection.

Eldon HO sets are fairly hard to come by so here's a chance to have a working example of one.
Price $80.00
Eldon Over and Under '8' HO road race set #7-45-085.   This set is from 1968.  It is a nearly complete, Eldon set in fairly poor condition, just good for the working transformer and 1 working controller.  Box cover has torn out section from the lower right corner as shown.  Cover features Ford GT and Dino Ferrari illustrations, but no cars are included.

The track in the set is all there but all pieces have broken tabs, so it's not in running condition.  The track and accessories include:

1- terminal 9" straight
1- chicane 9" straight
2- 6" straight
6- 9" radius 1/4 curves
5- pieces of assorted sized orange trestles, plus one more broken trestle
4- pieces guard rail
1- powerpack 14V, 0.5 Amp (works)
2-black thumb controllers (only 1 works)

Price for this Eldon set is $18.00
Eldon Over & Under '8' HO road race set
Eldon Over & Under '8' HO road race set contents
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