Bauer, Faller, and Playcraft Highways HO slot cars for sale.
Bauer white Peugot HO slot car
MV red Impala
Bauer Peugot 404, white, mint in box.  This is one of the first Bauer releases from the early 90's.  Bauer cars are from Germany and feature a TJet chassis modified with a brass armature bushing.  The bodies are very well detailed and feature chrome bumpers.  Complete with yellow paper label in clear box.  Clear box shows some light scuffing/ shelf wear and the box clear plastic has yellowed.  I believe this white Peugot is no longer produced.  Price $95.00
MV Chevy Impala, red, mint unused.  This is one of the Mike Vitale reworked retro cars, mounted on a TJet chassis.  Quite nicely can see the rear bumper is borrowed from the Atlas Impala mold.  Price $45.00
Playcraft Highways Mercedes 300SL, red.
Playcraft Highways Mercedes 300SL convertible, red with brown and black interior and black driver suit.  Trace corner silver bumper wear.  Body, glass, and interior are very nice.  Chassis is used and one pickup is cut off short.  With original box, missing plastic box insert and box label stickers.  This was the precursor to the Aurora vibrator Mercedes from 1958.  Price $225.00
Faller Jaguar XKE, maroon.   Good condition overall.  Wheel wells, window posts, and screw posts are fine.  Rear bumper has both ends missing.  Mounted on a TJet chassis which rides high in back.  Can easily be remounted on a Faller chassis if you have an extra.  Price $80.00
Faller XKE Jaguar, maroon
Faller Opel Diplomat slot car, tan.  Fairly good condition overall.  Right window post has a crack about half way down.  Bumpers have some chrome wear, and decals have been applied as shown.  Mounted on a TJet running chassis with o-ring tires.  Price $55.00
Faller HO slotcar Opel Diplomat in tan.
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Faller Cadillac, tan/dark brown roof.   Excellent condition overall.  Wheel wells not modified.  Front screw post not cracked but is stripped yet holds the screw fine, and rear screw post has a split about 1/8" and it holds the screw fine. Roof shows some light scratches.   Bumper chrome shows light wear.  Comes with the original Faller running chassis with pancake style motor that isn't running but makes a hum like the motor wants to turn so perhaps can be fixed.  Tires appear to be TJet type.  Price $100.00
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Faller HO Cadillac hardtop in tan with dark brown roof