Rokar Thunderbird stock car, white/blue/red #7.  Lighted chassis.  Mint on card #1080.  Price $30.00
Rokar Thunderbird stocker in white with blue and red #7
Rokar Porsche Carrera, silver #5.  Excellent condition overall.  Light roof wear.  Stickers are in very nice shape, with a little peeling at some corners which is often seen.  Very attractive car.  Running Rokar chassis.  Price $60.00
Rokar Porsche in silver #5
Rokar and Amrac slot cars for sale.
Amrac Manta, yellow #9. Very good condition overall.  Right rear wing support has a stress mark in the plastic as shown.  Running Amrac chassis has replaced rear tires.  Amrac came before Rokar, with a chassis similar to an Aurora G-plus.  Price $25.00
Amrac Manta, yellow with black and white stripes
Amrac Datsun 240z, white/red/blue #1 Bap Geon.  Mint old store stock unused.  Running Amrac chassis. Amrac 'American Racecraft' cars came before Rokar and Lifelike, with a chassis similar to an Aurora G-plus.  Shown with chassis, but sold as body only, no chassis available currently.  Price $35.00
Amrac Datsun 240Z, white with red and blue #1
Rokar Thunderbird stocker in black with silver, red, and white #7
Rokar Thunderbird stock car, black with red/silver/white #7.  Non-lighted type.  Near mint condition, with running early style Rokar chassis with some pickup shoe wear.
Price $25.00
Rokar Olds stocker, dark blue with yellow and white #94.  Near mint condition, with no noticeable wear to body.  Pickup shoes only have trace wear.  Black detail paint shows some wear.  Running Lifelike M car chassis.
Price $22.00
Rokar Olds stocker in dark blue with yellow and white #94
Rokar Olds stocker, red/white #31.  Fairly good condition overall.  Rear spoiler has been removed, but body is otherwise quite nice.  Running Lifelike M style chassis.  Price $17.00
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Rokar Olds stocker in red with white #31
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