Large scale slot cars for sale including a Revell 1/32 scale Mustang, a Revell Aston Martin body, a Revell wheel inserts and mirrors kit, a Revell AMX, and a Marx 1/24 Chaparral and Ferrari
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Revell 1/32 scale Mustang Fastback, orange. This Revell Mustang is in excellent condition overall.  Good wheel wells and window posts.  Original stickers show only very light wear.  Front bumper chrome is in fine shape.  Rear bumper is missing, but it doesn't look bad without it.  Original chassis looks good and the motor runs when the braid is touched to a transformer terminal.  Rear tires seem reasonably fresh, and the front tires have been replaced.  Motor runs and gear mesh is smooth.  Nice car to display or run.  Price $80.00
Revell 1/32 scale Mustang fastback
Revell 1/32 orange Mustang, right side view.
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Revell 1/32 Aston Martin, green, body only.  This body kit contains an unused body with light sticker discoloration from age.  The windshield has numerous cracks as shown.  The chrome pieces are all present, still on the original tree.  Hubs have some chrome loss, but the rest of the chrome looks good.  Includes the front headlight lenses.  The driver interior piece that mounts the body to a chassis is missing, so you will need to fabricate one unless you have a spare.  Includes instruction sheet and 4 brass body mounting screws.  Sold.
Revell Aston Martin body kit
1/32 Revell AMX slot car, red. Nice condition overall.  Interior piece has missing tabs that hold it to the body, so it is held in place with  tape from the inside of body (doesn't show).  Missing clear window plastic piece.  Chassis is complete, in good shape, and runs. The Revell AMX is hard to find.  Price $95.00
                      Bottom View
Revell AMX 1/32 scale slot car in red.
Marx 1/24 Chaparral 2C
Marx 1/24 Chaparral and Ferrari GTO
This lot consists of the following:

1) Marx 1/24 scale Chaparral 2C, pastel light bluish tinted white.  Rear wheel wells are trimmed, and top center chrome pipes piece is missing.  Motor runs on chassis but rear tires are dry.  Windshield is not cracked.  Body plastic has some scratches from use, and decals have some wear.

2) Marx 1/24 Ferrari GTO body only, red.  Good wheel wells and window posts.  Missing window glass and headlight front glass and headlight chrome pieces.  Roof decal is worn.

3) A few assorted parts for the Ferrari, including front wheels and tires set, one rear wheel with dried out tire, guide flag, rear axle gear, and brass motor clip.  The original motor is also included but is not working.

Price for all of the above Marx lot is $85.00
Marx 1/24 Chaparral 2C right side
Marx 1/24 Chaparral 2C bottom view
Marx 1/24 Ferrari GTO body, left view
Marx 1/24 Ferrari 250 GTO body, right side view
Marx 1/24 extra Ferrari parts